dev helper script

I get a No such file or directory error when running the dev script

Check your terminal working directory is within the cs-field-guide directory, the root directory of the project. Running the ls command in this directory should list the dev file.

I have an error when running ./dev start

If you are having issues running the start command, try rebuilding the system images with ./dev build. Changes may be have been made to the system images since you initally created them.

If issue still persists, log a bug on our issue tracker.

Viewing website

Images are not displayed when I view the website

Firstly check the image is located in the staticfiles/ directory. If the image isn’t located within the directory, check the original image is located within the static directory.

If the image is located within the static/ directory, check the filepath is correct. When running ./dev update, the script will report an error if an image cannot be found.

Changed CSS/SCSS styles are not updated when I view the website

Check the logs of the Node container processing the static files with ./dev logs -f node.

The website isn’t displaying when I open cs-field-guide.localhost in a browser

Check you have run both the ./dev start and ./dev update commands (in that order), and that it hasn’t reported any errors.