Content Style Guide


These notes are specific to the Computer Science Field Guide project. Be sure to read our general content style guide.


The following are added to the glossary and linked to where the words are used:

  • All computer science, programming, and mathematical jargon.

  • All education jargon.

  • All curriculum language that is not broadly used internationally.

Each glossary term has it’s own Markdown file under the csfieldguide/chapters/content/en/glossary/ directory. Here is an example of the Markdown file for the glossary term ‘unicode’:

# Unicode

Unicode is an extension of ASCII; it supports characters from multiple languages, using 16 bits per character.

And here is an example of how to use Verto syntax to link to a glossary term in a chapter:

This is an example of the glossary term {glossary-link term="unicode"}unicode{glossary-link end} being used in a sentence.

This will create a clickable link that reveals the glossary term on the page.