Website Design (HTML templates/CSS)

This page covers the HTML templates and CSS styling used for the Computer Science Field Guide website.

In summary:

  • We use Bootstrap 4 for the underlying framework for responsive design.

  • We use SCSS for style sheets where possible.

  • We wrap translatable strings in {% trans %} or {% blocktrans %} tags.

  • When interactives are viewed in whole page mode they should be centered.

  • We aim for the website to be as accessible as possible via accessible features.

Setting Custom Converter Templates

We use Verto to convert Markdown files to HTML. To override a default Verto template, add a new HTML file to utils/custom_converter_templates/<processor-name>.html.

The template file name must correspond to the name of a processor in Verto (for example: image.html, or the name of a supporting template specified in Verto documentation (for example: relative-image-link.html). A list of the available processors is available in the Verto Documentation.

Notes for Writing Custom Converter Templates

All HTML element attributes must contain a value.

The following snippet from a custom template would result in an error:

<details open>

The line would need to be written as this:

<details open="open">

Translation tags must be separate line.

If any Django translation tags are included in a template, it must first be escaped using {{ ' ' }}. For the Django makemessages command to detect the translation tag, the tag must be on its own line (whitespace before the tag doesn’t matter).

The following is an example of how to do this:

<span class="panel-type-title">
        {% trans "Teacher Note" %}